Veterans of Venezia vs. Blandue was a rebellion for control over the old VoV Discord which resulted in a new one being made under ownership of Lejamm. It occurred on August 10th, 2017 for around three hours in both the old VoV Discord and the FEAR Teamspeak. Participants in the situation included many veterans such as Lejamm, Zach2222, and Iroctheworld against Vice Commander Blandue


On August 9th, 2017, Blandue issued a warning to all members of the Veterans of Venezia Discord that threatened to ban anyone from the VoV Discord and FEAR Discord who kept on spamming in either Discord chats. This upsetted many vets, including the moderators, due to the fact that the veterans, most of whom are retired, are being warned by FEAR administration. Zach2222 led the initial push of the rebellion, stating discontent over the current HCOM due to the shutdown of his fun VoV event by a FEAR HCOM member. Eventually, he started to get angry at the fact that the VoV are being ran by FEAR Administrators, particularly that of the current 2iC Blandue. Vice Commander Blandue attempted to trick the community into thinking that he had given the chatroom away to Veteran Overseer iroctheworld, but this was merely a fake tag.


A number of veterans began harassing real members of FEAR on the FEAR discord chatroom between August 6th and August 10th. On Thursday, August 10th, a silent peaceful protest was staged to show our discontent with Blandue's leadership. A number of veterans were muted or banned from the chatroom. Many of the veterans started piling in into the VoV Discord voicechat. There were around 15-20 people who joined at max, many of them stating their discontent over Blandue's ownership of the VoV. Blandue refused to give ownership of VoV to anyone and escalated the situation by deleting the initial voicechat that all of the veterans were in. Despite efforts from some of the vets that went to the TS3 in order to speak with Blandue, he still did not give up ownership of the Discord. Instead, he faked giving up ownership to Iroctheworld, further escalating the situation.


Due to being unable to gain ownership of the old VoV Discord, Lejamm and many other vets decided to create a new VoV Discord under his ownership. The new VoV Discord incorporated almost everything from the old VoV Discord down to the emotes, bots, and chatrooms. Meanwhile, Blandue shut down the old VoV Discord. The new VoV Discord managed to regain over 50 of the veterans from the old VoV Discord in less than a day. The following day, Blandue issued demotions on many of the veterans involved, including demoting Zach2222 from his Honorary Leader rank and deleted the original Veterans of Venezia chatroom in a move that upset the entire veteran community.