Nexus is the hub of FEAR. Here you can edit your loadout, buy new weapons or see your database profile. It was designed to become the center of FEAR but also the source of new technology and it was the first large new project released to FEAR since A2.


Nexus was to fulfill the need to have a database and to introduce a XP promotion system similar to the 2014 Database. But the database of Nexus became more expansive and became a place to edit weapon loadouts, buy weapons and weapon skins for A2 and Origin. The hub was built, scripted and released within 2 weeks which was outstanding. Nexus gave FEAR new fresh technology and put FEAR right at the top of having the best clan technology - it was commented by our RAT dev friends as being like a render ingame! As a result of Nexus, A2 became very active due to people wanting to try out new weapons/skins as well as earning XP for promotions.


Despite it's immediate success, Nexus was ridden with issues particularly XP issues. After a few months, XP had to be disabled due to it being too buggy. Grenades at A2 had to be removed as raiding clans found them to be too unfair which reduced another aspect of Nexus. Lack of updates and fixes due to LordRevamp being very inactive caused Nexus to become abandoned. By the time LordRevamp was back from inactivity, ATC had moved onto a large projected (Sunset City Revamp), resulting in Nexus to be left there. In 2017, it was decided to close Nexus after A2 had its Nexus system removed to stop people from buying dev products to only find that there was no place to use it at. However, ATC will be replacing Nexus with Nexus 2 in the future.


  • Billy_Dodo - Main builder
  • SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX - Builder/GUI designer
  • LordRevamp - Scripter


Nexus 3
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