"Vanguard is a group for the best swords- and guardsmen of Venezia. Vanguard members are tasked with protecting High Command members, providing guarding service at important events, and performing as an elite force in melee combat scenarios."




Elites take part in the Sword Fighting activities within Vanguard and do not partake in guarding activities.

E1 Rookie - Rookies' abilities to utilize a sword is tested to see if they will be ranked up or removed.

E2 Sentinel - Official sword fighters for Venezia.

E3 Ultimate - Ultimates are the active hosts for Vanguard Elites. They are the top swordfighters within Vanguard.

E4 Champion - Oversees, controls, and maintains the activities within the Elite Section.

Honor Guards

Honor Guards have the main focus of improving guarding skills but may partake in Elite events. These people can usually be seen at Community Assemblies.

Honor Guard - An Honor Guard is a person who guards Venezia. They attend guarding events and play a huge role in representing Vanguard as an Honor Guard Section member.

Master Guardian - A Master Guardian maintains the activity in Honor Guard Section.They host Honor Guard Section events and help lead Honor Guard.

Guard Commander - Oversees, controls, and maintains the activities in the Honor Guard Section.


Honorable - Honorable members are members that have been devoted to the Vanguard and previously worked hard in trying to improve it.

Advisor of Vanguard - Oversees all divisional activity, as well as maintaining the overall activity in Vanguard and is in charge of Elite and Honor Guard Section.

Director of Vanguard - Oversees all divisional activity.