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"The Replica Forces is a group composed of the greatest soldiers within FEAR – each Replica comes from the same genetic sequence discovered by Venezian scientists hidden in a lab under the volcanoes of Vesuvius. They are truly the most fearsome soldiers you will meet on the battlefield."


2011: The Creation

Founded on May 15th of 2011 The Replica Forces served as a sub division for the most elite sword fighters in all of FEAR. It seperated the most skilled members of FEAR from the rest of the crowd and trained them to become an unparalleled fighting force. At the time Replica Forces was incredibly exclusive, much more so than it is today. The acceptance process was rigorous, few managed to make it in but those who did would be recognized as the strongest members FEAR had to offer. To be accepted into the Replica Forces you had to do a 1v1 duel with Replica Director zeejayym first to 10 kills. Sometimes if you managed to get 4 or more kills against zeejayym he would tell you to face off against aceslayer13. If the two of them thought you were a skilled sword fighter then you were in. The Replica Forces were an incredibly useful asset to FEAR for many reasons.


Drone: Newly accepted members of Replica Forces who have passed a tryout or have been invited in. They have two weeks to undergo training and show activity and skill, as well as maturity. Upon analysing the progress through both the point system, and Drone Evaluations, of successful, can become Operatives.

Operative: Full members of Replica Forcers who have passed their Drone evaluations.

Legend: Previous Replica Forces members that have made a powerful inpact in RF's history. The current Replica Forces Legends are: zeejayym, RilievoIV, scilz, and InnovatedFighting.

Enforcer: Enforcers are responsible for hosting Tryouts and events in the division, as well as observing everyone's progress and conducting timely evaluations for Drones.

Replica Advisor: The Advisor of Replica Forces is responsible for assisting the Director of Replica Forces in overseeing the Division, as well as working with Enforcers to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Replica Director: The Director of Replica Forces is responsible for overseeing the Division as well as ensuring everything is running smoothly.