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Alianor III, Alianor 3, or A3 was designed to be the most advanced fort and a sequel to A2. The project was started in 2012 but to this day, has not been fully completed. It is ATC's most famous project in the clan world but also its most embarrassing due to how long it was taking. A3 had been hit with many setbacks which caused this fort to inevitably to be scrapped. However, it was released for a week in 2017 as part of retro week.


This fort was highly ambitious and pushed the boundaries of what could be done in Roblox, even now the fort is still very innovative. It had a lobby where players could mingle but also customize their loadout, view stats, test their weapons but also using a map on a board, could teleport to certain spots on the fort map. The loadout included armour types, many different types of weapons, abilities, and grenades too. Unlike many other forts, A3 was designed to be more like a game where it would have rounds with different gamemodes making A3 very unique. All in all, this fort would have been a complete game changer if it was released during its day.


The problem with A3 has never been with the builder but with the scripters. The build was quickly completed within a year (small revisions of the fort has happened over the years). Echo got into disagreements with SHADOW and Echo departed from the project. Unclear was also exiled from FEAR due to other reason and as a result no one was left to finish scripting the fort. The fort has also suffered from leaking. During a time period where HCOM were allowed to test the fort, Redsox4's account was used by a different person to video the fort from the inside and leak it out on Youtube. Furthermore, Unclear also leaked a file containing A3 lobby along with scripts in 2015. SHADOW being unable to find a new scripter that was good enough to complete the project was forced to eventually dump the project.


  • SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX - builder and team manager
  • Unclear - Scripter
  • EchoReaper - Scripter



YouTube Videos

Alianor III - Reveal Trailer

Alianor III - Reveal Trailer

Alianor III - Renovation Trailer

Alianor III - Renovation Trailer